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Kaolin is the primary component of high-quality coloured pencils. The renowned manufacturers of these pencils rely on the special pencil kaolin made by the Surmin-Kaolin or Amberg Kaolin Works from Quarzwerke Group. Kaolin from Surmin and AKW is easy to process and use and yields excellent writing and drawing utensils that meet the toy-safety standards specified in the DIN EN 71 norm.

DIN EN 71 - Section 3 - specifies the requirements and inspection methods for the removal of the elements antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium from materials used to make children’s playthings.
Limits and specifications for the migration of these elements are based on a targeted daily dose in the form of a hypothetical, average total consumption of 8 mg and taking into consideration the analytical feasibility as well as current manufacturing conditions.

These values are determined using a special method that simulates what happens when the substance is ingested and comes into contact with gastric acid (0.07 mol/L HCl, 37°C).

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