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Quartz and feldspar are the most important raw materials for the manufacture of glass of all kinds. Both minerals are available from several Quarzwerke Group production plants. 

Silica sand is the raw material that is required in the largest quantity in the glass production process.

The so-called “glass sands” offered by Surmin-Kaolin and Quarzwerke Group exhibit a high degree of chemical purity.  

The glass industry requires silica sand with the highest possible SiO2 content and that is free of impurities such as iron and titanium oxide. In addition to the chemical structure of the silica sand, however, a narrow and steady particle size curve is also essential.

In the production of glass, feldspar plays in important role because it lowers the melting point of the mixture and helps control the viscosity in the melting tank. The alkali in feldspar serves as a fluxing agent and thus lowers the melting point – which also lowers production costs. The feldspar products offered by the Quarzwerke Group are primarily used for the manufacture of especially high-quality glass thanks to their high proportion of potassium and aluminium. 

The consistency and quality of the products offered by the Quarzwerke Group ensure optimal conditions for our customers.

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