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Kaolin is a natural occurring raw material, which is improved to an industrial raw material by extensive processing.

In Poland it is produced in our Surmin-Koalin plant.

Kaolins from Surmin have very beneficial characteristics, positively influencing profitability of our customers product.

Especially good rheological properties (deformation and flow characteristics), enable an increase of casting slip, for instance in the case of liquefied mass or sprayed mass.

Moreover, a smaller volume of electrolytes are being used in the process. Apart from kaolins of especially good flow features, we also offer kaolins of excellent potsherd (shard) overgrowth, characteristic in slip casting practice.

Due to a very low content of iron and titanium, the Surmin kaolins are especially well suited to the manufacture of light and white masses, necessary for instance in the manufacture of porcellanato type of tiles. Thanks to the high quality standard and wide range of products for different purposes, the Company Surmin is for our customers an ideal partner in kaolin's supply.

We offer kaolin in granulate form, as slurry, as milled products, as refractory clay, or partially refined as raw kaolin, suitable for the respective processing and production methods of our customers.

In addition to kaolin from our plant Surmin we also offer kaolin from Quarzwerke Group.

Key applications

• ceramic industry

• paper industry

• glass fiber industry

• rubber industry

• paint and lacquer industry

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