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Silica sands from Biała Góra are characterized by their high chemical purity and unusual light colour. The sands with particularly low iron oxide content (to 0,015% - 150 ppm)produced in the TKSM "Biała Góra" plant are used in the production of high quality tablewarel glass, container glass and flat glass used for automotive and construction glass.

The stable grain distribution and very light colour, particularly important in the production of light renders, are properties highly valued in the construction chemical industry.

Our commercial offer includes raw silica mineral in the form of wet and dry sands.

Supplementary to the products we offer are silica sands from the mines Surmin-Kaolin, Osiecznica and the remaining mines belonging to the Quarzwerke Group.

Key applications:

• floatglass / solar glass
• glaswool
• ceramics
• glass containers
• tableware glass
• construction materials

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