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The Tomaszów Raw Mineral Mines "Biała Góra" excavate the largest deposits of quarz sands in Europe, being about 80% of the country's glass and foundry sand resources. The beneficial deposit parameters and the continual improvement of the processing process allows almost every assortment of industrial sand: glass, foundry, filtering gravels to be obtained. The mine also offers a wide range of quarz mixtures of a strictly defined granulation tailored to individual customer requirements. Sands find use in the building chemistry industry. The resources of the quarz sandstones in the region of Biała Góra lie in the asymmetric syncline of the Tomaszów Basin. The sedimentary deposits were created in the cretaceous period about 120-150 million years ago. The deposits are made of sandstones with a 98% silica content SiO2, generally loosely bound , of a clayey binder. The mostly contain a 0.1-0.5 mm granulation, a white colour with a tint ranging from yellow to rust.

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